Here’s what happened…

When I was a little lad a ways back, my cousin Squeaky (a nickname due to her grotesquely high pitched voice) Shipiloo came to spend a summer with my family.

We soon came to know that the only thing that smelled worse than Squeaky was her 3 legged cat named Wobbles (you can figure that one out).

Wobbles, it seemed was never trained on the litter box, so he just dropped and went everywhere he got the urge….and he got the urge all day long.  There were poo balls either intact or crushed all over the house. The squirty, mussy feeling of feculent funky fecal between your toes every morning as you put on your shoes was just too much.

My sister Balbusterina, read in a book that dung Beetles eat poop, so we went out to the Beetle store and bought 2 cases of live ones and released them in the house.  Within days the feces phenomenon was finally finished…phew.

Now the problem was that we had very fat dung beetles and they didn’t smell much better than the cat.  So Balbusterina got another idea from her book.  she went out and bought an iguana that was known to feast on dung beetles.

Crazy enough, the Iguana (named Ned) was eating the Dung Beetles faster than the insects could eat the poop that Wobbles was dropping on an hourly basis.

We spent the rest of the summer trying to balance out the Iquana to beetle to poop ratio in our home.  For a family where no member had yet had gone past the 8th grade, this was tough math.

Finally my neighbor Spanky (again another nickname you need of figure out on your own) informed us that He and his brother use something called a litter box…..Till this day, I don’t think they owned a cat.

My mother, who at the time was a shut in due to what she called excessive water weight gain……She must have drunk gallons and gallons a day, got her sister to go out and purchase some Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer Powder.

Just like that, Wobbles started poopin in a box. The Dung Beetles starved to death. The Iguana supposedly ran way and my mom somehow got a new cool looking green scaly handbag.   So it all worked out.

That was my first experience with Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer Powder. So I can recommend it fully!


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