Here’s what happened…

Let me say before I begin, that my step cousin, Reginald shipiloo was a moron.  I knew it. He knew it and the whole family knew it.  But that did not stop Reginald from searching for that one great deal to make him a success.

He came up with the Pet Stone 6 weeks after the success of the Pet Rock.  He thought the wrought iron frisbee would be a hit with the kids.  It hit 3 of them and the product was banned in his home state of Arizona.  He had a modicum of success With his ass-less chaps ski pants for spring skiing in California, but a sudden March freeze left  too many frozen hind ends and sales collapsed.

Step cousin Reginald was despondent, when one morning he was reading in National Geographic how all the big chocolate companies were in desperate need of more coco for their factories.

Reggie finally found his break.  His college roommate from the Wyoming Beauty and Chainsaw repair school, was living in a small village in Columbia, known for its chocolate production.

Two days later, Reggie arrived at the village and was ready to make his fortune.  Immediately my cousin (step) was in the mountains digging and bagging the coca plants.   Within a month’s time,  Reginald loaded 2 tons of chocolate  powdered gold into his trunks and headed back to America to make his fortune.

Now I have always said that everything in life is a lesson, but poor Cousin Reg learned a tough one here.  I almost can’t put all the blame on him.

Who would have thought that Coco does not come from the Coca plant.

Reginald is now living the next 20 years of his life in a cell with his new significant other, Pablo, for attempting to leave the country with 2 tons of pure uncut cocaine.  I guess you live and learn.

So kids, remember, when you are enjoying a delicious cup of Hershey’s canned cocoa, that its tasty ingredients come from freshly picked beans of the CACAO tree, not the coca plant.

15 thoughts on “Fun Deal 32 – 8 November

  1. FrostyChef says:

    Cocoa, not coca, big difference! 😅

  2. TravelBug says:

    Wyoming Beauty and Chainsaw repair school? That’s new.

  3. GreenThumb says:

    Cacao vs. Coca 101.

  4. SpaceCadet says:

    Reggie’s wild ride!

  5. ChocoLover says:

    Hershey’s for the win! 🍫

  6. DesertDweller says:

    Arizona misses you, Reggie.

  7. BotanyBuddy says:

    Plants matter, folks. 🌱

  8. SkiBunny says:

    Ass-less chaps ski pants? Brrr… ❄

  9. LegalEagle says:

    Always read the fine print… on plants.

  10. GymRat says:

    Two tons of trouble, yikes!

  11. BeanCounter says:

    Freshly picked beans, not leaves!

  12. PabloFan says:

    Poor Reggie, Pablo’s gain. 😂

  13. IronFrisbee says:

    Wrought iron frisbee, what could go wrong?

  14. CuppaJoe says:

    Stick to coffee in Colombia, safer bet. ☕

  15. LessonLearner says:

    Live and learn, indeed.

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