Here’s what happened…

So, I just got the message from the sales team that we are selling Always Feminine Whips today, and I am damned confused. I have seen horse whips, Bull Whips, Crop Whips, even a Cat o’ nine tails, but I have never heard of a Feminine Whip. But it does remind me of a story.

My Best friend growing up, Jimmy 4 fingers Gramaldi was a kid that was into some weird stuff. His nickname was earned at a late night Cuisinart mishap involving a Kentucky midget mule, the culinary teacher at the local college and the Borsky twins. I have no more shareable information than that.

Well Jimmy was always getting into trouble. One time his parents found him in the basement locked to the radiator with pink handcuffs and pink whip beside his feet. This is actually what made me think of the Feminine Whip…Wait I have another message coming in.

Uh oh, the product we are selling is Feminine Wipes, not Feminine Whips…What the heck are Feminine Wip…..OH DEAR LORD!!

I, um..never heard of..I mean…what the heck….I don’t have a single story to relate to this product.

I have to go now. This is a first for me.  I am at a loss of words.

Please all have a great and hygienic day…good night or day…….bye


Hurry! First Come First Serve as Long As Stock Lasts