Here’s How We Keep Our Prices So Low.

As one of the nation’s leading opportunistic grocery buyers, Shipiloo stands at the forefront of discovering and delivering extraordinary deals. Our team of expert buyers is constantly on the move, traversing the length and breadth of America each year in search of the most thrilling grocery finds.

Step 1

When a brand has excess inventory from packaging changes or manufacturing overruns, they call us.

Step 2

We buy these excess groceries’ at a discount, passing the savings on to you.

Step 3

We then email our FREE members who joined “deals by email” letting them know the big discount we have from our inventory, personalizing each  selection to its local community.

Step 4

Once our members are happy and tell us more of what they love, we go back out there looking out for those items our members reallyy need

Unbeatable Deals on Everyday Essentials at Shipiloo!

At Shipiloo, we’re dedicated to offering our customers more than just convenience; we provide unbeatable deals on all the essentials. We understand that basics like groceries aren’t always easy to find at great prices, which is why we’re committed to building the largest network of grocery savings enthusiasts in the United States. Our growing community means greater buying power, ensuring that you always get the best prices.

By communicating deals directly through email, we eliminate costly advertising expenses and bypass middlemen, translating into even more savings for you. At Shipiloo, we promise straightforward, unbeatable prices with no hidden tricks or complications. Join us in our mission to make everyday shopping affordable and enjoyable!